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Architectural Models in Film 1919-2016
film project by Gabu Heindl and Drehli Robnik

Mock-ups in Close-up is a growing film project – a collection of excerpts from an increasing number of narrative
films that feature architectural models. In chronological order (from 1919 to 2014), the two-hour long video
includes classics as well as recent American comedies and more obscure material.

Some of the models figure quite prominently in the films, others appear more randomly. Without using narration,
the compilation attempts to push the inclusion of all mock-ups to the extreme - until traction occurs, or until
history (including that of architecture and its applications) again becomes relevant through the archives of
randomness: history as an image of the Cold War or the fluidity of labor, as a power play of masculinity and
the scale of the models themselves.

The compilation does not primarily deal with “films about architecture”. Rather, it offers a section through
an all-inclusive film history which, in the project’s re-writing, appears to be obsessed with showing models
in a variety of contexts: be it on the fringes or in the center of a scene, models pop up in love stories,
thrillers, psychological dramas, comedies or sci-fi . The list of filmmakers who could not resist to either
pan over or to focus on architectural models includes Fritz Lang, Francis Ford Coppola, Stanley Kubrick,
Tim Burton, Steven Spielberg, Ben Stiller, the Farrelly Brothers, and Wes Anderson.

A growing archive / film project by Gabu Heindl and Drehli Robnik


June 13, 2016, 18:00
Screening, lecture, discussion
Mock-ups in Close-up
Tieranatomisches Theater der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Campus Nord, Philippstr. 12/13, Haus 3, Berlin, Germany

December 8, 2014, 20:00
Monday Evening Conversation, lecture
Architecture and the Moving Image
Mock-ups in Close-up at
Apollo Cinema, RWTH Aachen, Germany

November 21, 2014, 18.00
Workshop by Gabu Heindl / Drehli Robnik & Screening of:
"Mock-Ups in Close-Up. Architectural
Models in Film 1919-2014" (2014)
, with Apéro
6.K06, School of Art and Design Zurich (HGKZ), Zurich

October 16, 2014
Mock-Ups at Architecture Biennale!
Screening of film project "Mock-Ups in Close-Up" (2014)
and lectures by Gabu Heindl & Drehli Robnik
Arsenale, Biennale Architettura 2014, Venice

March 3rd, 2014
Mock-Ups in Close-Up
workshop and screening
Toronto Society of Architects
at Bloor Hot Docs Cinema
Toronto, Canada

October 9, 2013
Introduction, screening and discussion
'my own private cinema'
in the context of the exhibition "Kultur:Stadt"
Kunsthaus Graz
Graz, Austria

September 14, 2013
Introduction, screening
H-ArtHist at MIES1:1-Modell auf dem Egelsberg
Krefeld, DE

April 18, 2013
Introduction, screening & Q+A
The Architecture Foundation
London, UK

April 5, 2013
Presentation, screening and discussion
at Ooga Booga
Los Angeles, USA

January 31, 2013
Film screening, lecture and discussion
Institut für Europäische Kunstgeschichte
Ruprecht Karsl-Universität Heidelberg, Germany

September 14, 2012
Film screening and lecture in the context of the exhibition
"The Architectural Model – Tool, Fetish, Small Utopia"
DAM Deutsches Architektur Museum
Frankfurt, Germany

June 1, 2012
Film screening and discussion in the context of the
Architekturtage 2012 "anders als gewohnt" - open studio
Vienna, Austria

May 17, 2012
Film screening and lecture
Forum Stadtpark
Graz, Austria

May 19, 2011
Film screening and lecture
IKKM - Internationales Kolleg für Kulturtechnikforschung und Medienphilosophie
Bauhaus-University Weimar, Germany

November 29, 2010
Film screening and lecture
Austrian Film Museum
Vienna, Austria

June 27, 2010
Film screening and lecture
2010 NECS conference URBAN MEDIATION
Istanbul, Turkey

December 10, 2009
Film screening, lecture and exhibition
2009 Hong Kong & Shenzhen Bi-city Biennale of Urbanism \ Architecture
Hong Kong, China

October 30, 2009
Film screening and lecture
Fundación Cristina Enea - Centro de Recoursos Medio Ambientales
San Sebastian, Spain

April 23, 2009
Screening and lectures in the context of the
Architekturfilmtage Munich
Filmmuseum München, Germany

July, 2008: additional
Screening, presented by Mark Wigley
Lenguajes Filmicos, Poder y simulakcro. Arquitectura
Sevilla, Spain

March 25, 2008
Screening of the movie followed by a presentation by
the filmmakers and a round-table discussion with Beatriz Colomina, Mark Wigley and others
Storefront for Art and Architecture
New York, USA

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