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THE MIGHTY MODEL: Mock-ups in Close-up
Text by Gabu Heindl and Drehli Robnik
In: Volume 16, Archis 2008

‘Mock-ups in Close-up’ is a compilation that does not deal with architecture or architects in film, but strictly
with analog architectural models in film. This is one aspect of what we would call ‘playing dumb’, i.e., our
stubborn procedure of collecting every movie scene with a model in it we could find and then presenting
them chronologically. We quite consciously refrained from producing some kind of ‘video essay’, which
would offer comments on the relationship between cinema and architecture. Also, we did not group the
models in any ‘meaningful’ way, not even according to similarities.

What we refrained from was ordering knowledge such that the perceptible and the ‘sayable’ would be
integrated meaningfully as to allow the video to ‘say something about’ models or have its audience ‘see
something’ concerning models. And by subjecting ourselves to this compiling with as little epistemology
as possible, we tried to avoid the traps of certain subjectivities, especially the subjectivity of the expert,
the knowing artist, etc.

Let us move from knowledge to power. Speaking of power in the Foucaultian sense of the term (or rather,
in the sense of Deleuze’s reconfiguration of the Foucaultian tripartition of the orders of knowledge, power,
and subjectivization), one could say that by playing dumb and compiling architectural models in movies
chronologically, we remained stubbornly within the order of power, submitting to an implied force that
propelled us from one year and model to the next…

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content: (c) GABU Heindl Architektur 2008