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Greece / Amsterdam 2005 - 2006
Gabu Heindl in cooperation with Sophie Valla
holiday house, private commission. To be realised.

The site for this holiday house is a steep hill with terraces held by stone walls. With respect to this land-
scape and while directing movement and views to the sea, the house becomes a fracture in-between
site-specific stone walls. An internal X-circulation links all spaces to a wide open landscape inside the
house, which itself is extended to the outside in terraces. The house is about fluid transitions between
the rough outside and the smooth inside as well as different viewing and lighting conditions (by panorama-
windows or small light filters). The remote site needs self-supporting energy systems; therefore the house
is optimised for passive cooling systems, solar energy production, just as much as the choice of material
is local, such as the stone of the hills for the exterior facade.

Plans of the holiday house
(c) Gabu Heindl

content: (c) GABU Heindl Architektur 2008