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FOLLOWING MAPS Strolling before map24
for group exhibition "zoomandscale"
Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, 2008

We follow maps. But what precedes maps? Or rather: what preceded the totalizing and homogenizing
maps of Google Maps or map24we are now habitually using? Only ten years ago (and probably until
today), people in Tokyo were used to handing out hand-drawn maps with personal comments to direct
others to specific places in the confusing, ungridded and unnumbered cityscape of Japan's capital.
Unlike standardized maps from web-sites, a self-drawn map gives insight into the psychogeographic
production of the drawing authors´ cities. It is a rhythmic arrangement of marker points along a path,
consisting of buildings or plants, fast food chain stores or city furniture, but also of the city's synaesthetic
qualities such as lights, sounds, etc.: a personalized collective experience of the everyday becoming
notational parameters.

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content: (c) GABU Heindl Architektur 2008