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"Final Sites before Deportation"
_.Kleine Sperlgasse, Castellezgasse, Malzgasse

Exhibition architecture
_.Crypt, Heldenplatz, Vienna 2016

"The '70s. Then there was Future"
_.Main exhibition 2016

Exhibition architecture
_.Schallaburg, 2016

"Vienna. The Pearl of the Reich"
_.Planning for Hitler

Exhibition architecture
_.AzW Architecture Centre Vienna, 2015

_.Mock-Ups in Close-Up
_.Architectural Models in Film
_.constantly growing film project
_.with Drehli Robnik
_.USA, ES, DE, CN, TR, AT, UK, 2008 ongoing

_.Performative intervention

Concept, choreographie: Willi Dorner
_.Idea: Gabu Heindl, 2011 - 2013

Just Space!
_.Interdisciplinary workshop

_.with Gabu Heindl
_.Prague, 3.5.2012

Just City
_.Participation exhib./workshops/lect., Brno

_.Compact City
_.4AM Forum for archecture and media, 2011

_.Out in Prison
_.Exhibition participation

_.On Your Marks - Sports and Society
_.HMD Dresden, 4/2011 – 2/2012

_.Yo.V.A.3 - Young Viennese Architects
_.Exhibition participation

_.Kunsthalle wien project space
07.09.- 26.9.2010

_.New Frontiers
_.Exhibition participation: The building

_.last station: Zumtobel Lichtforum Wien
_.31.05. - 05.07.2010

_.Wild Translation
_."Utopia and the Everyday"
_.trafo.K & Gabu Heindl
_.Centre d'Art Contemporain Genève, 2009

_.Der Bau (the building). Amidst us.
_.Exhibition and flake of the facade

_.with Hito Steyerl, in context of
_.Linz09 - European Capital of Culture

_.Following Maps
_.Participation exhibition „zoomandscale“

_.Academy of Fine Arts
_.Vienna, 2008

_.Architecture 24/7 - an everyday relationship
_.Exhibition / curating

_.with M. Bogensberger at steirischer herbst
_.House of Architecture-Graz, 2007

_.Inbetween: diverse activities
_.Exhibition / curating

_.with C. Slanar
_.Salzburger Kunstverein, 2006/2007

_.Exhibition / curating

_.with M. Bogensberger at steirischer herbst
_.HDA - House of Architecture Graz, 2006

_.Pursuing Work (Der Arbeit nachgehen)
_.from the series "Walks in progress"

_.with M. Bogensberger, O. Schürer et al.
_.at steirischer herbst / HDA-Graz, 2006

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